About PI Calendar

What is PICalendar.com?

The Pacific Islander Calendar at https://picalendar.com/ is a joint calendar for all PI communities and organizations in the Pacific Northwest. The goal is for all Pacific Islander Community members to have one shared calendar to keep themselves up-to-date with events in our communities.

For organizations, the calendar can help with planning, so cross-community events are not planed on dates where individual communities are already hosting large gatherings.

What’s the cost?

It is free to join and use. Period.

The work hours, up-keep, hosting and other direct costs are carried by Living Islands Non-Profit., as part of our ongoing commitment to support the Pacific Islands Communities, but we do encourage the participating organizations, with room in their budget, to make a small monthly donation to keep the calendar running. This is completely voluntary and not donating has no influence on services!

We believe a shared calendar like this will only work if it’s free for everyone to use and if all organizations have their events shown on equal terms.

Who can join and add events?

All organized communities, organizations and groups that are working with, consisting of, or in other ways are connected to the Pacific Northwest Islander Communities can publish their events on the calendar.

To join the calendar as an organization adding events, please fill out the form at http://bit.ly/JoinPICal (If the shortened link doesn’t work, please use https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfvZyRWUpoTwyCAyOFjO3ZukfpY6C6nBYNft3F3ASaQR9HHuA/viewform )

What kind of events can be posted?

All events that are relevant to the Pacific Islander Communities are welcome to the Calendar. Please note that events do not need to be relevant to all PI communities. For example, dates for board meetings for a French Polynesian interest group are just as welcomed as a pan-Pacific festival or a Pacific Islander celebration at the State Capital. The goal is to have a broad overview of all the communities in one place, not to serve as a replacement for the individual organizations’ calendars.

What kind of events can not be posted?

 Since this is a community calendar, purely commercial events or interest should be avoided. For example, events for open enrollment for Health Care under the Premium Assitance Program is a community event, whereas an “open house day for islanders” event at a car dealership wouldn’t necessarily count as community interest.

Secondly, events that specifically relate to a select and specific small group of people would in mot cases not be of interest to the broader community, for example, “Hillary and Bill meet for Coffee”.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

The PICalendar is run by Living Islands. You can always contact our support staff at [email protected].